Author: Zach Gautier

Zach has been in education for over a decade. He has been a classroom teacher, speech and debate coach and an administrator. In his current role, he works with families as they go through the college admissions process and serves on Valor’s Academic Leadership Team. He is a Colorado native and has been married to Jen, who is an elementary teacher, for fourteen years. They have three young boys.

Mastering the Master Schedule: Fulfill Your School’s Mission (Part 2)

Review In part 1 of this post, I proposed that it is worth asking foundational questions about how the schedule can serve the mission of the school. I believe intentionality around the basic areas of the daily life of students and teachers can affirm or inhibit the direction of the institution. Now, we look toward …

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Mastering the Master Schedule: Fulfill Your School’s Mission Part 1: The Set-up

Introduction Every February, my focus begins to shift. We’ve gotten into the second semester at our high school and now, my attention goes to planning for the next school year. The most arduous and intensive component of planning for the upcoming year is always tied to building the master schedule. I secretly love the process. …

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