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Letter to Education Graduates and Future Christian Educators

Student-teaching is complete, graduation is quickly approaching, the job search has commenced and for some of you lucky few been completed, and you are filled with a combination of conflicting emotions. At the end of Matthew 28, Jesus gathers the 11 remaining disciples and gives them the “Great Commission” to go make disciples. As your …

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A Letter to my Daughter on her Graduation from Christian High School

Dear Katie, Graduation Day at last! Congratulations! Bravo! Well done! Hurrah! I’m so filled with love and pride right now I’m about to burst. Many times I’ve come into your room late at night and found you toiling over algebraic equations, or struggling to plumb the depths of Dostoyevsky, or trying to think clearly and Christianly about the …

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What Does It Really Mean to Graduate from _________ Christian School?

An interesting piece in the December 26 issue of the New York Times prompted me to think about this question. The title of the editorial was As Graduations Rates Rise, Experts Feel Diplomas Come Up Short. I am guessing this editorial was a response to the Education Department’s release on December 15, noting that high …

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