Month: August 2016

Staying Balanced…

If you are reading this, and an educator, I am a bit surprised! This time of year is pretty crazy for those involved in the traditional agrarian school calendar that the Western culture holds tightly to. Professional development workshops, home visits with preschool families, department level or grade level meetings…all in full swing. These events, …

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Honoring the Treasures They Bring

16 years out of the classroom, and I still feel the summer begin to bleed as the corn ripens and what seemed like an endless July surrenders to inevitable August. I haven’t seen the leaves turn red yet, nevertheless, the anxiety of the first day of school creeps into my dreams. I stand before my class, entirely unprepared, even naked sometimes, or blind, the children jumping off their desks, running wildly wherever... God, please wake me up!

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Biblical Magnification: A Potential Wolf

“Microscopes, telescopes, binoculars, sighting scopes, and eyeglasses help us see something more clearly—magnified and focused for a purpose” (Reel, 2016, p. 136). In a previous blog, I introduced the concept of an innovation cascade. An innovation cascade is the premise that educational innovation must begin at the top of an organization and filter organically through …

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