Month: April 2017

Letter to Education Graduates and Future Christian Educators

Student-teaching is complete, graduation is quickly approaching, the job search has commenced and for some of you lucky few been completed, and you are filled with a combination of conflicting emotions. At the end of Matthew 28, Jesus gathers the 11 remaining disciples and gives them the “Great Commission” to go make disciples. As your …

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Effective Messaging: Summary vs. Significance

School leaders know the importance of supporting the admissions efforts of their school with well-developed plans in order to effectively communicate with prospective parents before, during and after “sales efforts” (admissions team activities) have taken place. Marketing efforts can increase the pool of families exploring your school as an option and also prepare prospective families with …

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Webinar – Embracing Everyday Diversity (Part 4): The Right Hand Paradigm

This is the fourth and final conversation with Justin Jones-Fosu entitled “The Right Hand Paradigm.” Diversity surrounds us in simple and complex ways, and in this wrap-up conversation he helps us think about how something as simple as being right-handed impacts our understanding of the world and each other. Sonia Avilucea, Joel Gaines, and Mike …

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