Month: May 2017

The Hardest Job in School: The Board Member (Part 2)

Surveying a private school with plenty of money, strong enrollment, a winning football team, and selective college admissions during an accreditation visit, a colleague said to me, “Everything’s great when everything’s great.” What he meant, of course, is that over time, even model schools encounter difficulty. It might be a sudden financial downturn, an employee …

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Deeper Understanding Through Art: the ‘Word’ in ‘Flesh’

When I was in the classroom I liked to challenge students to create images to represent an idea. Equally challenging, to look at images and infer the ideas they represented. Class discussions (remember to use protocols!) often yielded a deeper, nuanced understanding by thinking in pictures and picturing thoughts. Adults too! I participated in a …

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Webinar – Sustainable Financial Aid: A Strategy for Growth

CACE had the opportunity to host Chuck Evans of Better Schools as he shared his experience and expertise on school leadership and strategies for growth. Mission-oriented schools often include socio-economic diversity in their core values. Beyond the impulse to “give back” to our communities, however, what benefits do diversity provide to enrollment management? Chuck discussed …

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