Dave Larsen

Dave began his professional career in youth ministry, served Trinity Christian College as Vice President for Student Development for nearly twenty years, and Timothy Christian Schools as its Director of Development for twelve years. As Director of the Bright Promise Fund for Urban Christian Education he delights in raising funds for scholarships and tuition assistance for its network of schools.

He is a graduate of Calvin College (BA English), Trinity Evangelical Divinity School (Masters of Religious Education) and earned a PhD in Educational Leadership and Policy Studies at Loyola University Chicago.

Virtual Christian Education?

Higher education has used virtual schooling for years. And with so much of culture already customized, individualized and in the grips of isolating technology, it shouldn’t surprise us that K-12 education would discover and promote virtual schooling. Whether or not this is a good thing – particularly for those parents desiring a Christian education – …

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Bright Promise Fund and Chicago: An Innovative Approach to Fundraising in the City

In an introductory entry for CACE on the topic of Christian schooling in the city, Dan Olson highlighted the cultural, missiological and visceral reasons why urban Christian education will continue to grow in importance.  His piece presents the foundational reasons why cities need Christian education. This entry in the discussion focuses on the issue of …

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