Richard J. Edlin

Dr Richard Edlin EdD, PhD (Hon), the President and CEO of Edserv, has previously worked for the National Institute for Christian Education (NICE), the Association for Christian Schools International, the mission SIM as MK Education Coordinator, and as Principal of Carachipampa Christian School in Bolivia. Richard is an internationally renowned conference speaker.

Helping Children Grow – Are We Forming, Are We Informing, or Is It Both?

I have several grandchildren who are in the early years of involvement in a number of different Christian schools. As I watch them develop through different experiences, challenges, and opportunities, I’m impacted again by the glorious privilege and honor we have as Christian parents and teachers to unpack the mysteries and wonder of God’s creation with our …

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There is No Neutrality – True Education Primarily is A Relationship-Driven Activity

There is No Neutrality – True Education primarily is a relationship-driven activity Richard Edlin comments: The reflections below from Scot McKnight (prof of NT at Northern Seminary, Lombard, IL) echo the focus that Jamie Smith, Benson Kamary, Roy Atwood, Doug Wilson, myself, and many others put on the key dynamic that education is not primarily …

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Education, Micro-aggression, Viewpoint Diversity, and the Tolerance Mirage of Rampant Secularism

One consequence of the contemporary postmodern ideology that there is no truth beyond each individual’s concept of it, is the increasingly desperate attempt on college campuses to eradicate any evaluative reflection concerning one tribe or person’s truth by any other tribe or person. This has led to the apparent evil of “micro-aggressions”, or what Lukianoff …

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The Powerful Religion of Secularism

In recent times, Christian writers such as James K. A. Smith (2014) and Mary Poplin (2014) have written very helpfully about the concept of secularism. Though this present article views the issue from a different angle, those authors and others do right to draw our attention to the key concept of secularism, as it is one of the most powerful religious forces shaping contemporary western culture.

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