The CACE Roundtable

The CACE Roundtable is a group blog by CACE fellows and director Tim Van Soelen engaged in an ongoing discussion of Christian education.

Teacher Shortage and Strategic Compensation: Conversation with Jon Eckert

Jon and I have had prior conversations on Collective Leadership, and I’ve become more convinced that building the professional and leadership capacity of educators within our schools and profession who enjoy doing hard and innovative work together is the primary way to improve our schools, educational opportunities for students, and the enjoyment of our work. …

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Rooftop Perspectives – A Big Picture View for Christian Educators

Part of the way through Eric Reender’s wonderful book, Rooftop Perspectives, a character states: “A story is not about answers, but making you think.” Reenders succeeds in doing this in his book by taking us into not one but two stories – using the technique of a story within a story, and of all things, …

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The Pedagogy and Theology of Leadership: A Conversation with Andy Wolfe

Without excellent school leaders we can’t have excellent schools. – Andy Wolfe Introduction: I was recently introduced to Andy Wolfe of The Church of England Foundation for Educational Leadership who is eighteen months into the development of a process of training, developing, supporting, and networking school leaders in the 4,700 Church of England schools that …

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Entrepreneurial Approach to Educational Needs: A Conversation with Andrew Neumann

Introduction: About a year ago I was introduced to Andrew Neumann and Open Sky Education at a Summit for urban schools. If you’ve read my blog over the years you’ll know my skepticism for Charter Schools, but I’d never come across an education provider that was a hybrid Charter School Management Organization as well as …

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A Time for Clarification: Religious Liberties and Religious Schools

With increasing frequency, religious congregations and ministries are facing unfamiliar challenges. Recent months have seen a major escalation in the willingness of political and other leaders to use cultural, political, and legal pressure against religious groups and individuals that resist the newest manifestations of the sexual revolution. (Eric Kniffin) Background: Recently, I had the opportunity …

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