The CACE Roundtable

An ongoing discussion of Christian education with CACE fellows and director Tim Van Soelen.

Letter to Education Graduates and Future Christian Educators

April 25, 2017

Student-teaching is complete, graduation is quickly approaching, the job search has commenced and for some of you lucky few been completed, and you are filled with a combination of conflicting emotions. At the end of Matthew 28, Jesus gathers the 11 remaining disciples and gives them the “Great Commission” to go make disciples. As your … Read more

Effective Messaging: Summary vs. Significance

April 19, 2017

School leaders know the importance of supporting the admissions efforts of their school with well-developed plans in order to effectively communicate with prospective parents before, during and after “sales efforts” (admissions team activities) have taken place. Marketing efforts can increase the pool of families exploring your school as an option and also prepare prospective families with … Read more

Loose Ties Are Abundant, but Risky, at the Top

April 5, 2017

The decor varies greatly in the offices of the 550 CEOs, government officials, and heads of NGOs interviewed as part of our research on leadership — but hands down, photos are the most popular accessory. There are some shots of families and vacations, but most of the pictures show these senior leaders with prominent people. … Read more

The Teachers’ Lounge

By teachers, for teachers about teaching.

Socratic Seminars and Student Anxiety: The Naked Truth

April 17, 2017

“I felt naked.” Those were the words of one student after leading her classmates in a discussion on the previous day’s reading. “My dad told me if I get nervous talking in front of others, I should picture everyone else naked. That didn’t work. I was the one exposed, not them.” While she was prepared, … Read more

Are Your Students Crew or Passengers?

April 12, 2017

We are Crew, not Passengers. This is the motto of the organization I worked with for 20 years, Expeditionary Learning, now called EL Education. It comes from Kurt Hahn, the fonder of Outward Bound (the taproot of EL Education), and refers to people gathered together for a long boat journey where everyone is needed to … Read more

Grace This Time

March 29, 2017

When Ms. Lang mentions the grape–the one that was flung into a circle of girls–Jackson’s face goes red. “Yeah, that was me,” he admits with a sheepish grin. “Jackson, you know that throwing food in the cafeteria is an automatic detention, don’t you?” His voice falters now: “I was just teasing; I wasn’t trying to … Read more