Strategic Planning for Christian Schools

CACE Consulting provides Christian schools with a strategic roadmap to sustainability. We focus on five areas of strategic school leadership:

  • Marketing and enrollment management
  • Teaching and learning practices
  • Workplace culture and climate change
  • Board governance and team leadership
  • Financial management

The process

Partnering through these proven phases, CACE equips each school for its best possible future:

Phase 1

In partnership with the school, CACE consultants assess the current reality of the five areas of strategic school leadership. Even the most well-managed organizations have room for improvement. CACE consultants identify the growth areas that stand to make the largest positive impact.

Phase 2

Once growth areas are identified, the CACE team works with the school to create a concrete, measurable plan of action. In some cases, additional tools and resources are recommended to facilitate success.

Phase 3

With support from CACE, schools implement practices and resources to achieve desired outcomes in targeted growth areas.

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