Marketing Research and Enrollment Management

Using advanced marketing research techniques, CACE delivers qualitative results and valuable data. CACE strategically keys in on and isolates valuable data points that provide a foundation for planning. With a strong statistical background and know-how coupled with years of experience with enrollment management, your school is sure to receive the resources needed to make data-informed decisions. Our research services provide schools with quantitative solutions, designed to provide actionable insights at every stage of a school’s development.

Using analysis of demographic data and parent satisfaction surveys, the results of a market research initiative will allow us to measure potential market size and trends upon which to build an enrollment strategy.

The enrollment strategy will identify best practices at every step in the admissions funnel to increase student enrollment and retention. The focus of the strategy development will be to shift from a reactive enrollment process to a proactive enrollment process for the coming school year and beyond.

Marketing and branding play a significant role in the success of any enrollment strategy and are crucial to the success of any private education institution. While there is no one-size-fits-all strategy for creating a communications model, we can provide marketing best practices and help to create a communication model tailored to the strengths of your school and the needs of your families.


Custom Research

CACE enables Christian schools to conduct custom market research programs to address priority messaging and service needs with parents within the community.

  • School Profile Testing
  • Market Entry Analysis
  • Concept Testing
  • Ad Testing
  • Pre-Launch Awareness
  • Demographic Awareness
  • Positioning Research
  • Segmentation Research
  • Message Testing
  • School Visit Survey and Analysis
  • Enrolled Family Satisfaction Analysis
  • Message / Admissions Team Effectiveness Tracking

Online Capabilities

CACE has access to robust databases that allows access to virtually any local demographic in the world. This lets us know your target market and gain direct insights from potential new and unreached families.

A strong research background, on both the client and supplier side, makes CACE ideally suited to offer the right research solution and recommendations.

Additional research capabilities include qualitative interviews, focus groups, and consulting services.

In-house Expertise

The CACE team features:

  • Client-side Perspective
  • Decades of Experience within Christian Education Admissions
  • Board Membership and Leadership Experience
  • Project Leadership
  • Skilled Methodologists
  • Seasoned Moderators
  • Fielding / Recruiting Specialists
  • Programming / Data Processing
  • Dedicated Analysts

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