Leadership Search

Having good leadership is the only way to move your school in the right direction. Finding the right candidate to hire for principal or head of school position is about finding the person who best matches your school’s unique mission and culture. The CACE Leadership search includes a multi-step path to provide your school the best leadership outcome. CACE fellows assisting with each school are experienced Christian school leaders who will bring their passion and expertise to your search.

  • Appreciative Inquiry: Orientation to your school
  • The knowledge, Skills, and Disposition: Guided Interviews
  • Opportunity Profile: Publicize leadership Position
  • Marketing Platform: Attract Potential Candidates
  • Analysis and Recommendations: Analyze Candidates
  • Onboarding the New Leader: Integrate new Leader into your school

By using this transformational approach to school leadership, we help schools build a stronger academic administration.

Ready to find your next school leader?

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