Consulting Services

CACE performs several types of consultation to help Christian schools thrive.

If your school is looking for help with strategic planning, CACE will guide the process of creating a strategic roadmap. To do this, CACE will assess several areas of your school’s operations (marketing and enrollment management, financial management, governance and leadership, climate and culture, teaching and learning practices) in order to come up with and implement an effective plan for the continued health of your school.

For schools looking for guidance specifically in the area of marketing research and enrollment management, CACE engages is a data- and research-driven process. The process begins with constituent satisfaction surveys and concludes with clear steps for your school to follow, with CACE guiding your school every step along the way.

CACE also assists Christian schools in finding effective, dedicated leaders to help them succeed. By attracting and analyzing potential candidates for principal or head-of-school positions, guiding interviews, and integrating a new hire into the school’s administration, CACE helps build a strong administrative foundation for Christian schools to build from.

Finally, CACE helps Christian schools implement their strategic, operational, and educational initiatives through their Christian School Operational Services. Under guidance from business experts, administrators and teachers will be equipped to live out their school’s Christian mission, maintain the quality of their education, use their resources wisely, and more.


Senior Fellows


Dan Beerens is an educational consultant, author, international speaker, and educational leader. Before starting DB Consulting in May 2010, he served as Vice President of Learning Services and Director of Instructional Improvement at Christian Schools International.


Chad Dirkse has served in Christian education for 25 years in roles that include, math and science teacher, coach, athletic director, principal, head of school and board member. He is currently the President of Chattanooga Christian School where he serves more 1,100 students and 130 faculty and staff.


Erik Ellefsen has served in education for seventeen years as a teacher, coach, consultant, Grievance Chairman for the American Federation of Teachers, Dean of Academics at Boston Trinity Academy, and as Principal at Chicago Christian High School.


Steven Levy is an educational consultant, working independently and with EL Education. After 28 years teaching in classrooms K-12, he now guides teachers in designing service-based curriculum, engaging instructional practices, student owned assessments, and character development.


Paul T. Neal is Sr. Vice President for Marketing and Enrollment at Cairn University and co-founder of Charter Oak Research where he serves as Principal and Chief Research Officer.


David Urban is co-founder of Charter Oak Research and its Chief Operating Officer. David also leads Charter Oak’s educational practice. Previously he served as Chief Advancement Officer at Charlotte Christian School, Vice President of Client Service at Olson Research Group, and Vice President of Enrollment at Eastern University.