The Center for the Advancement of Christian Education

The Center for the Advancement of Christian Education (CACE) is a vision of the Sid & Carol Verdoorn Foundation, Dordt College, and Christian school thought leaders from around the world. Our reason for being is to walk alongside Christian schools who are committed to teaching from a Biblical perspective. We exist for the sustainability, improvement, innovation, advocacy, and promotion of Christian education at all levels of learning.

Webinar – Sustainable Financial Aid: A Strategy for Growth

CACE had the opportunity to host Chuck Evans of Better Schools as he shared his experience and expertise on school leadership and strategies for growth. Mission-oriented schools often include socio-economic diversity in their core values. Beyond the impulse to “give back” to our communities, however, what benefits do diversity provide to enrollment management? Chuck discussed …

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Webinar – Embracing Everyday Diversity (Part 4): The Right Hand Paradigm

This is the fourth and final conversation with Justin Jones-Fosu entitled “The Right Hand Paradigm.” Diversity surrounds us in simple and complex ways, and in this wrap-up conversation he helps us think about how something as simple as being right-handed impacts our understanding of the world and each other. Sonia Avilucea, Joel Gaines, and Mike …

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Webinar – Embracing Everyday Diversity (Part 3): Stupid Stuff Smart People Say / Intent vs Impact

This is part 3 of the “Embracing Everyday Diversity” series we’ve been doing with Justin Jones-Fosu. The conversation of this webinar is focused on “Stupid Stuff Smart People Say”, and Justin provides some personal context to understanding others and thinking before we speak. Before watching this session it is important to watch part 2 “Circles …

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Webinar – Embracing Everyday Diversity (Part 2): The Circles of Grace

In Part 2 of the four part “Embracing Everyday Diversity” series, Justin Jones-Fosu challenges us to think about our relationships within the context of what he describes as “The Circles of Grace”. Also, in this webinar recording panelists including Joel Gaines, Mike Chen, and Mitch Salerno add insights into how to expand our relationship circles …

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Webinar – Embracing Everyday Diversity (Part 1): Moving from Head to Heart

Diversity and Inclusion have become intellectual pursuits, and unfortunately where most change happens is not in the head but in the HEART!  In the first part of his series “Embracing Everyday Diversity” Justin Jones-Fosu shares his thoughts on moving our understanding of diversity from the head to the heart to pursue meaningful change in your personal life …

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Graciously Unapologetic – A Renewed Way to Be in Christian Schools

On Tuesday, September 20, CACE hosted a webinar with Deborah Benson, Superintendent at Parkview Christian Academy.  Benson discussed her recently published book Graciously Unapologetic: A Renewed Way to be in Christian Schools.  Deb said in response to a question during the webinar, “The core of our school is about getting on our knees and bringing each …

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