Oh, the Places You’ll Go—A Better Hope Than Dr. Seuss This Graduation Season

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High School Graduates

Sometimes old truths told in a new way can awaken us to the ways we have become beholden to the worldliness of our culture. The siren song of expressive individualism is on surround sound for students in our schools, Christian or otherwise.

Instead of running for fame and success, Christian graduates of all ages are in a race of faith. In the New Testament, the apostle Paul names these five crowns as rewards of a faithful Christian life.

Lessons from the First-Ever Christian School

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Catechetical School of Alexandria Learning from the founding of the First-Ever Christian School (Note to the reader: Most of what follows is gleaned from Dr. Willem Oliver’s research summaries here and here on the history of the Catechetical School.) The Catechetical School of Alexandria was started in Alexandria, Egypt in the 5th decade of the first century — less than … Read More

Christian Education and the City: Leaders, Givers, and Planters

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We began this series by giving cultural, missiological, and visceral reasons why engaging the city is essential for the future of K-12 Christian schooling. Why have we chosen to highlight the city in particular? While most American cities have been growing steadily over the last twenty years, Christian schools in the city have been disappearing, and fast. Between 1990 and … Read More

Christian Schools and the City: An Introduction

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This summer, Erik Ellefsen asked if I might write a piece kicking off a new series for CACE about Christian Schools in the City. While today I work with The Gospel Coalition, a group aimed primarily at church leaders, I continue to see Christian education as strategic for the gospel’s advance in our nation’s cities. I am not only a … Read More