Under Pressure: The Heart in a Culture of Cool Things

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In science our students learn that Pressure = Force / Area. Essentially, pressure is calculated by measuring a particular force as it is applied to a particular area. And as you might imagine from looking at the equation, Pressure increases in two ways. First, if the Force increases. Imagine standing on a chair to reach a lightbulb. There is some pressure on … Read More

Education and the Good Life: Conversation with Dave and Doug Sikkema

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I recently had a conversation with Dave and Doug Sikkema, twin brothers, who are not only fun to talk with, but both of which have an abiding love for learning. I was intrigued at the combination of classical learning and digital innovation in their writing, work, and lives. Dave quotes, Hicks in his article “Playful Minds” saying, the school is … Read More

Playful Minds

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Games can recover play in learning, but we still have to know what it means to “learn.” My fourth grade students certainly wouldn’t need convincing that schools could use more video games. But parents and teachers trying to limit a child’s “screen time” might think otherwise. From their perspective, “digital play” is the last thing our kids need. These games, … Read More