Darryl DeBoer

Darryl DeBoer is the K-12 Director of Learning for Surrey Christian School in Surrey, British Columbia, a Senior Fellow for the Center for Advancement of Christian Education (CACE), and a Teaching for Transformation (Tft) co-creator and school designer through the Prairie Center for Christian Education and CACE. He is passionate about designing "real work, real need, real people" learning experiences that invite, nurture, and empower students to play their part within God's story. He can be reached via email at darryl.deboer@cace.org.

Curriculum Introduction

What if (Christian) education is not primarily about the absorption of ideas and information, but about the formation of hearts and desires?  What if (Christian) education was primarily concerned with shaping our hopes and passions –our visions of the ‘good life’? What if the primary work of (Christian) education was the transforming of our imagination …

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