Josh Riebock: Storytelling, Creativity, and Failure

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Introduction: T.S. Eliot once wrote, The progress of an artist is a continual self-sacrifice, a continual extinction of personality. […] The more perfect the artist, the more completely separate in him will be the man who suffers and the mind which creates. This quote and some recent interactions regarding creativity in schools led me to a conversation with my friend, … Read More

A Look Back and a Look Ahead 2018

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At the beginning of 2017, I took a look through the most popular CACE blogs from 2016 and developed four themes to keep an eye on in the year ahead in what appears to now be an annual attempt to take A Look Back and a Look Ahead. In 2017, the four most read blogs included: 1. What Lessons can … Read More

Ashley Berner: Pluralism, Policy and Predictions

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Ashley Berner, Deputy Director of the Johns Hopkins Institute for Education Policy, recently pondered the question in an Education Next article titled Education for the Common Good, “Why should taxpayers support the education of other people’s children? In democracies, the answer is because these children’s lives (including workforce participation and social well-being) and political involvement (understanding democratic institutions, analyzing legislation, and … Read More

Jon Eckert: Innovation, The Novice Advantage and Collective Leadership

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Introduction: Even though this is the third blog in a series of interviews I’ve done with innovative leaders in Education, it is actually the first interview I did as I’ve learned to try out my own innovations on friends. Jon Eckert and I graduated from Wheaton College in subsequent years, but didn’t become great friends until we reconnected a few … Read More

3 Questions on Leadership and Mindshift: Rex Miller

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Introduction: In the first blog I wrote for CACE, The Power of Connectivity: I Gotta Guy, I shared my thoughts about the Christian school network: In my experience in Christian education there is a specialist, expert, or innovator in every part of the country, and over the past four years as Vice President of the Christian Coalition for Educational Innovation (CCEI) I … Read More

Choosing PD Conferences: 3 Criteria

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Introduction: Recently, two blogs were written in regards to choosing conferences that I found helpful for Christian school leaders. CACE Fellow, Paul Neal, wrote a blog entitled Thinking about Conferences?  as he reflected on conferences he attended this past year while our friends at Sevenstar recently published a blog entitled A Guide to the Premier Events for Christian Schools this … Read More

Leadership Encouragement for 2017

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Ten years ago, at the age of 31, I was entrusted by a bold superintendent and school board with an opportunity to lead a school. At this school, 2006 was known as the “Year of Shock and Awe” because a data dive discovered that the school was having a negative demographic impact on the education of its students, which is … Read More

Letter to Education Graduates and Future Christian Educators

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Student-teaching is complete, graduation is quickly approaching, the job search has commenced and for some of you lucky few been completed, and you are filled with a combination of conflicting emotions. At the end of Matthew 28, Jesus gathers the 11 remaining disciples and gives them the “Great Commission” to go make disciples. As your professors and student-teaching mentors send … Read More

A Look Back and a Look Ahead 2017

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As 2017 begins I took a look back at our blogs since we started CACE to see what resonated with the CACE network. I have highlighted a few of the more popular blogs below as they are worth another read as we begin 2017. A Letter to my Daughter on Her Graduation from High School: This is a timeless piece … Read More