Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in America

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Diverse children gather ready to learn at school

Recent events have opened up important conversations surrounding race and social inequality in America. What should Christian educators be doing right now?

For starters, Michael Chen is sharing an open letter, which you are invited to sign, and a panel conversation, which you are invited to view.

Re-imagining Christian Schools: Immigrants and Natives (Part 1)

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At a recent education conference, I was struck by a distinction made by John Couch, the head of Apple’s educational arm. He referred to the millennials as digital natives and those of us who are generations above the age of 30 as digital immigrants. To his point, he talked about how we needed to reimagine schoolings with the fast-changing technological … Read More

The CACE Effect: Lessons from Valley Christian

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C.S. Lewis wrote in Abolition of Man that “the task of modern educators is not to cut down jungles but to irrigate deserts.”  In many ways, what CACE has done for Valley Christian Schools in Dublin, CA is precisely that. It would have been so easy for outside experts to come in to our school and chop down the entanglements … Read More