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According to Simon Sinek (2011), great leaders and organizations have one thing in common that distinguishes them from their counterparts. It is this: their entire mission, company, or product begins with the WHY. It doesn’t start with what they do or how they do it. Instead, the focus from the beginning is on the purpose, belief, and sense of calling … Read More

A New Perspective on Stewardship

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My 5 year old grandson has a vivid imagination. Throughout a normal day he imagines that he and those around him are chefs, pirates, zookeepers, policemen, and a variety of other occupations. It is a fun game which requires no change in behavior, at least from his perspective! Reflecting on this causes me to consider the plight of many adolescents … Read More

Life Calling and College Admissions

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These are excerpts from presentations given at the CESA Counselor Forum in Burbank, CA that was sponsored by CACE. Do your students know God’s calling for their lives?  In our session, we focused on the importance of students discovering their God-given identity allowing them to be more prepared for exploring potential careers and colleges.  We provided practical curriculum and helped … Read More