Blog Guidelines

Thank you for your willingness to contribute to these online conversations among Christian school educators. Your perspective is valued and appreciated.

Below are guidelines to keep in mind as you write for CACE.

  • Length: Shoot for between 700-1200 words. If you go over and absolutely can’t decide what to cut, our copyeditor can help you. (She is ruthless.) In some cases, CACE will consider a two-part post.
  • Purpose: Contribute to the purpose of the CACE blog: To inform, prompt, and encourage Christian school educators.
  • Audience: Keep CACE readers in mind. Our readers are from all over North America and beyond. Be conscious when using “we”: if that pronoun doesn’t include all these readers, please clarify the reference.
  • Point: Center your post around one main idea, an arguable thesis that gets explained and illustrated.  Present a new idea, or present an old idea in a new way.
  • Perspective: Integrate your faith with your message. Even if your point applies beyond Christian circles, demonstrate why it fits within a Christian worldview.
  • Evidence: Incorporate examples, even a brief story, into your post. Just like children, adults learn better when a concept is illustrated. Referencing research is also welcomed; when possible, hyperlink to your sources rather than use footnotes.
  • Title: Create a title that is not only engaging but also includes the actual subject of the post. These keywords are important for online searches. Using a title and subtitle is acceptable.
  • Subheadings: Include subheadings. Some readers may speed-read your post, so provide hooks for them to hang the information they skim.
  • Paragraphs: Shoot for shorter, rather than longer, paragraphs (especially true for the first one).
  • Bio and headshot: At the time of your submission, please include a short bio (50-100 words) and a high-quality, digital photo (preferably a jpeg file).

If you aren’t familiar with the CACE blog, please spend some time reading posts on the site. Here are a few models to consider: