Staying Balanced…

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If you are reading this, and an educator, I am a bit surprised! This time of year is pretty crazy for those involved in the traditional agrarian school calendar that the Western culture holds tightly to. Professional development workshops, home visits with preschool families, department level or grade level meetings…all in full swing. These events, in addition to all of … Read More

Did You Ever Wonder…

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Why students (and their parents) are so grade obsessed? In a previous post: What Happened to the E?, I noted my lack of surprise when students petition for an extra point or two on an assignment or request extra credit opportunities. Some readers responded with notes of similar experience and frustration. One reader asked the question “how do students become so … Read More

The Seven Last Words of a Dying Church [School]?

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The original version of this sentence used the word “church” instead of “school” but I hope you will permit me the substitution in order to stimulate your reflection on this statement. According to my research (although the sentence does show up in a number of references), D.E. Parkerson, a Baptist minister from North Carolina, coined the phrase in this narrative … Read More

Taxes, Investments, and Re-enrollment

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It is that time of year again…it seems like this phrase is often used in the world of education. I am guessing that all professions have such cyclical periods where certain responsibilities and events happen on a regular basis. In the world of education, it is that time of year again for report cards, parent-teacher conferences, and re-enrollment. The other … Read More

Bored Boards?

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“Are board meetings interesting?” At a recent board training session with one of our CACE Schools, I posed this question to the board and enjoyed their responses. There was some initial laughter that only these board members could fully appreciate due to their familiarity with the changes this school is in the midst of. Change makes for interesting board meetings. … Read More

The Real Value of Retention

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This past summer, I gave a presentation at a school leadership conference on creating a culture of retention at the organizations we work. In determining where I wanted to go in the conversation I found a number of great quotes on the value of retention. Amy Gallo, in the Harvard Business Review (Oct. 2014) said, “depending on which study you … Read More

The Teacher – Student Intersection

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It is safe to say that the 2015-16 school year has begun in most schools across North America. In several of the Midwest states, legislation was passed to move back the first day of school. Iowa legislators decided that August 23 is the first day that schools may officially begin. The City of Sioux Falls, South Dakota, allowed citizens to … Read More

Positive Intersections

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As a former driver’s education instructor, intersections were typically the most exciting part of the job. Riding alongside rookie drivers as they figured out who arrived at the four-way stop first, who was on the right, or how to navigate those unique intersections where cross-traffic did not stop, tended to provide some interesting interactions. Great decisions needed to be made at … Read More

Student-Teacher Relationships

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Are student-teacher relationships a significant component to growth?  My answer is this: the single most significantly damaging element to student growth is arguably a student-teacher relationship predicated on the need of the teacher for any kind of personal significance within that relationship.  Christian schools might be better served when dialogue begins with this question: are student-teacher relationships positively or negatively … Read More