Online Learning: Where Do We Begin?

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Mother helping daughter with online learning.

If you are a school administrator, educator, or parent, you have likely been bombarded with information about online learning since the pandemic. There are so many programs that it feels tempting to ignore the subject altogether. However, with many Christian schools looking to meet the demands of college preparatory learning, we at OC Online wanted to share our perspective as … Read More

What I Hope for my Daughter: Eyes to See

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Mother and daughter looking at sunset with hope.

Diagnosis In 2019, when my daughter Reese was in kindergarten, she was suddenly and unexpectedly diagnosed with type 1 diabetes on a Friday in March. We spent the weekend in a local children’s hospital, discharged on Sunday with an expensive pharmacy bill and a very rough understanding of how to replicate the work of our daughter’s now defunct pancreas.  On … Read More