Incarnational Christian Education: More than Concepts, Objectives and Standards

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In his recent CACE Blog, Dan Beerens effectively challenges educators to raise levels of student inquiry with well-crafted Essential Questions that engage students in active learning while encouraging a spirit of respect and humility.  To illustrate the value of Essential Questions he points us to questions Jesus asked during his incarnational ministry on earth. Jesus’ question “who do you think I … Read More

Charter Schools: The False Choice (Part I)

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“Charter schools are the devil,” I blurted out as I listened long enough to two friends talk about the new push for a Three Sector policy approach to educational change in the United States.  After they got over their astonishment at my statement realizing it was another one of my strong opinions, they asked for explanation.   At this point I … Read More

Will We Earn the Honor of Future Generations by Standing for Truth and Justice?

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French sociologist Alexis de Tocqueville visited America in the heyday of the 1830s and immediately saw the source of her strength: Americans, he wrote in Democracy in America, do not assume that government exists to solve their problems. Rather, they created flourishing institutions (families, churches, clubs, aid societies, and so forth) to solve those problems at the level closest to … Read More

Two Types of Wisdom and the Christian School

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I recently read a blog post featuring an excerpt entitled “How Productivity Advances the Gospel” from a book by Matt Perman- What’s Best Next: How the Gospel Transforms the Way You Get Things Done. Perman’s exposition of the two types of wisdom go directly to the heart of the content and process of a holistic Biblical integration of faith and life … Read More

But I’ve Earned the Right To…

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The older I get and the more tread comes off my tires, the more my eyes are opened to my warped sense of identity and value.  As I rewind the story of my career as an educator and educational leader, I witness far too many scenes where I have fallen prey to a defensiveness in the face of conflict and … Read More

Q and A with Pastor John Lee: A Response to “Why We Cover Silage Piles”

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We were pleased to receive considerable positive feedback regarding Pastor John Lee’s sermons on Christian Education. Below are a selection of the thought-provoking questions from readers and responses by Pastor Lee. Thank you for engaging with CACE as we question and explore the challenging role of Christian Education and strive “to narrow that gap between the ideal and reality” as … Read More

Playing at Eternal Things

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I am sorry to say that I had not read any book by Frank Gaebelein until I recently picked up a copy of Exploring the Bible off of a friend’s library shelf. Reading this work reminded me of the value of the Christian classics just as we see the value of other classics in literature. Gaebelein’s ideas on Christian education … Read More

Called to be Salt: Is Christian Education Engaging or Abandoning the Mission Field?

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In Matthew 5, Jesus delivers the Sermon on the Mount calling Christians to be salt and light to the world. Salt, an ancient world preservative, must be worked in to food to be truly effective, remaining an individual compound but aggressively involved in the decaying matter. In his message, Pastor John Lee asks, “are our Christian Schools missional organizations, preparing … Read More

Why We Cover Silage Piles or The Case for Christian Education

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Why should the church work so hard to support uniquely Christian Education? When times are tough, and money is tight, why are we making sacrifices to send our children to Christian schools? Drawing from Colossians 1: 15-23, Pastor John Lee addresses the creational and covenantal roots that ground the case for Christian Education, and why the church continues to champion … Read More