Intentionality in School Admissions

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One lesson I have learned in the world of admissions is the importance of the word intentional or intentionality in our communications to families. Intentionality is something that is done on purpose or intended and is synonymous with words such as designed and planned. Why is this so important and how can we use this word to promote our schools? … Read More

Effective Messaging: Summary vs. Significance

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School leaders know the importance of supporting the admissions efforts of their school with well-developed plans in order to effectively communicate with prospective parents before, during and after “sales efforts” (admissions team activities) have taken place. Marketing efforts can increase the pool of families exploring your school as an option and also prepare prospective families with information that makes them more … Read More

Taxes, Investments, and Re-enrollment

Tim Van SoelenCACE Studies2 Comments

It is that time of year again…it seems like this phrase is often used in the world of education. I am guessing that all professions have such cyclical periods where certain responsibilities and events happen on a regular basis. In the world of education, it is that time of year again for report cards, parent-teacher conferences, and re-enrollment. The other … Read More

Continuous Enrollment…Continuous What?

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Two years ago, our Admissions Director at Valley Christian Schools (Dublin), Lori Cantrell, presented our school leadership team with an idea. Having been in touch with some others in the admissions field, the topic of “Continuous Enrollment” came up. I’ve been involved with admissions for almost 6 years now, and this was a new term to me. Before we dive into … Read More

Life Calling and College Admissions

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These are excerpts from presentations given at the CESA Counselor Forum in Burbank, CA that was sponsored by CACE. Do your students know God’s calling for their lives?  In our session, we focused on the importance of students discovering their God-given identity allowing them to be more prepared for exploring potential careers and colleges.  We provided practical curriculum and helped … Read More