More Than The Three R’s – The Effectiveness of Christian Schooling

Dr Beth Green is one of the leading thinkers in the field of Christian education. Originally a history teacher, she completed a doctorate at Oxford University and now runs the world’s most significant long-term study into the effectiveness of Christian schooling – the Cardus Education Study. Cardus is a Canadian think tank that specializes in …

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Schools Bridging Faith and Science

Controversy over religion and science is nothing new. That’s certainly true in the world of education. Indeed, a recent commentary in the Washington Post lamented 60 examples of what the author called “anti-science education legislation” that could affect what American students are taught regarding the evolution-creation debate and global warming. We may even see the …

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Navigating the Ed Policy Storms: Are you Connected?

Pulling a good network together takes effort, sincerity, and time.  – Alan Collins Over the past few months, I proposed that each Christian school leader must answer the following questions about their institution in order to navigate a way through the current turbulence in education policy: Why does your school exist? (Part I) What makes your …

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Cardus Education Survey

Cardus Education Survey 2014

A special bonus for CACE Readers! Ray Pennings, Executive Vice President of Cardus and Advisory Board member for CACE, created an introduction video for the newest collection of U.S. Data from the highly-recognized Cardus Education Survey that was just released in September. The Cardus Survey answers the question: “Do Christian schools deliver on their promises?”

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