Choosing a College? Beware a Short-Sighted View

D. Michael LindsayThe CACE Roundtable

When I was a high school senior, I focused on finding the best college that would benefit me and my future. It was an individualistic approach, paying attention to the best scholarships offered, how nice the admissions counselor was, and how many complimented me for being accepted to the school. I didn’t really consider or give weight to how my … Read More

Reflections on The Value of a College Education

Joan VosThe CACE Roundtable2 Comments

Recently, one of our juniors asked me, “Do you think the value of a college degree is diminishing? Tuition is rising rapidly, and many college grads seem to have trouble finding jobs.” His question gave me pause. Each day I invite students into conversation about how important it is to give attention to existential (college as part of a pattern … Read More