Deeper Learning

The Invitation to Learn

In my previous blog, “The Hook: What’s in a Name?” I promised to share some ideas about creating engaging invitations to learn. I’ve worked with many teachers designing deeper learning projects that invite students to do “real work for real people.” One challenge we always encounter is linking the service component of the project to …

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Powerful Practices: Implementing Deeper Learning in Christian Schools Conference

DEEPER LEARNING is helping Christian schools become more distinctive in their practice, more engaging to students, and more representative of a Biblical view of the learner, the learning, and responsive discipleship.   High quality workshops will be offered by expert Deeper Learning practitioners: Curriculum Instruction Assessment Spiritual and Community Formation Learning Spaces Click here for additional information …

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Deeper Learning: From Hewlett Packard to Jesus Christ

Many of us have just returned from the 2nd annual Deeper Learning Conference at Legacy Christian Academy in Frisco, TX. I was one of over 200 people attending from Canada, the Dominican Republic, Australia, as well as the United States. We were especially inspired by a keynote address by Ron Berger from EL Education and …

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