Advice for Betsy DeVos From Canada

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This essay originally appeared in Education Week Vo. 36, No.20 on February 2017. It is reprinted here with the permission of the author. Good public education doesn’t require uniformity The newly confirmed U.S. secretary of education, Betsy DeVos, will take office during a tumultuous time in American education. As a school-choice advocate, she is well-positioned to put her stamp on … Read More

Christian Education and the City: Leaders, Givers, and Planters

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We began this series by giving cultural, missiological, and visceral reasons why engaging the city is essential for the future of K-12 Christian schooling. Why have we chosen to highlight the city in particular? While most American cities have been growing steadily over the last twenty years, Christian schools in the city have been disappearing, and fast. Between 1990 and … Read More

Welcoming Disability in Christian Schools

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Recently I was talking with an administrator who has long been supportive of inclusive Christian education for students with disabilities, and he reflected on the attitude of parents of students with special needs. “Every time they come, it’s a question of ‘won’t you please include my child?’ Why is that? Their child belongs here; we are incomplete without students with … Read More

Bright Promise Fund and Chicago: An Innovative Approach to Fundraising in the City

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In an introductory entry for CACE on the topic of Christian schooling in the city, Dan Olson highlighted the cultural, missiological and visceral reasons why urban Christian education will continue to grow in importance.  His piece presents the foundational reasons why cities need Christian education. This entry in the discussion focuses on the issue of affordability and sustainability in urban … Read More

Redefining Smart – A Book Review

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Quality educators who have operated from their heart, from relationships with students, and who have seen themselves as coaches and designers of learning, will be greatly heartened by a new book, Redefining Smart: Awakening Students’ Power to Reimagine Their World (Corwin, 2016). I found it difficult to put the book down. As a psychologist, educator, and disciple of positive psychology, … Read More

Restoration Academy and Birmingham

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In 1983 the five funerals in his first year of planting a church were too much. Dr. Anthony Gordon, a young African American pastor, was weary and broken from burying teenaged boys from his community- casualties of gang and drug violence.  He recognized that his Sunday morning and midweek services could not compete with the predatory forces devouring his community.  … Read More

A School and a Church at the Heart of a City

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From the author Beth Green of Cardus: My editors have confirmed that certainly you may reprint the blog with the following accreditation at the top of the piece: “This article was originally published by Cardus:” What is it that makes a city? Judging by the ones I’ve visited lately—London, Abu Dhabi, Chicago, Sydney—it is global finance and skyscrapers. When people … Read More

Boston Trinity Academy and Boston

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Boston Trinity Academy educates students from diverse backgrounds in an academically demanding, Christ-centered community, inspiring them to lead lives of faith, integrity, and service. The school’s motto is Via, Veritas, Vita, the way, the truth, and the life, which in our curriculum becomes the integration of faith, learning, and service. We believe that faith alone can be ignorant, that learning … Read More

The City School and Philadelphia

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The city is not as it seems. I moved to Philadelphia as a boy in the late 1980s. My father had been pastoring in rural Ohio, but he grew up in the Philadelphia suburbs and my grandfather grew up in South Philly, so I think my family thought this move was going to be some sort of a homecoming. The … Read More