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Just as a pilot needs to consider the physics of lift and drag while flying a plane, school leaders have to consider how they can create lift while leading their institutions. This can be a challenge because it involves change and a willingness to evaluate the current state while also looking to the future…

Exit Interview Takeaways

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In our work at Charter Oak Research, we conduct several phone calls with current Christian school parents and parents of students who once attended a Christian school but did not re-enroll. One of the reasons we provide this service is to give schools more complete information on what current families are thinking as well as insights on why other families … Read More

On Opening Christian School Doors

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In this second segment of his two-part essay, Matthew Beimers ponders whether the wider community would better know Christians by their love if greater diversity were fostered in Christian schools. Growing up in a tradition where children were baptized as infants, I never fully grasped the beauty and importance of the congregation speaking their covenantal, baptismal promises over families until … Read More

Schools Leaning Out

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In part one of this two-part essay appearing on CACE this week, school principal Matthew Beimers makes the case that opening doors to strangers might make Christian education even more Christian, not less. “The primary goal of Christian education is the formation of a peculiar people, a people who desire the kingdom of God and thus undertake their life’s expression … Read More

“My Masters Story…”

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I was on vacation with my family in Florida when I saw a man wearing a Masters Tournament golf hat. I started a brief conversation with this complete stranger by asking him if he was attending the tournament this year. This led to a very fun conversation and something that I think is a great reminder for us as we … Read More

Intentionality in School Admissions

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One lesson I have learned in the world of admissions is the importance of the word intentional or intentionality in our communications to families. Intentionality is something that is done on purpose or intended and is synonymous with words such as designed and planned. Why is this so important and how can we use this word to promote our schools? … Read More

Taxes, Investments, and Re-enrollment

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It is that time of year again…it seems like this phrase is often used in the world of education. I am guessing that all professions have such cyclical periods where certain responsibilities and events happen on a regular basis. In the world of education, it is that time of year again for report cards, parent-teacher conferences, and re-enrollment. The other … Read More

Working to Keep the Students We Have

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Increased competition within the schooling marketplace, combined with the shifting priorities of a new generation of parents, has rendered the fortunes of independent and parochial schools more uncertain than ever before. As we have noted here previously, as of just two years ago, private schools enrolled more than 10% fewer students than in 2000. And within that overall enrollment decline … Read More