What If Assessment Was A Gift?

Patricia KornelisThe CACE Roundtable1 Comment

Each fall when I teach a graduate course in assessment, I begin by having my students engage with a powerful article by Elaine Brouwer called “Assessment as Gift: A Vision,” in which she posits that assessment should be a gift that honors our students as image bearers. My students and I wrestle with this idea throughout the course. It is … Read More

Connecting Christian Education, CSI History, and Deeper Learning

Dan BeerensThe CACE RoundtableLeave a Comment

(In the last two posts I wrote about a student engaged movement that is growing among Christian schools and how this type of education is gaining popularity; it seems to be more congruent with Biblical views of students as image-bearers. In the last post I mentioned several organizations that are offering professional development opportunities in this area of emphasis. I … Read More

Our Quest for Congruence, Part 2: Exciting Developments

Dan BeerensThe CACE Roundtable2 Comments

A student centered learning movement is emerging in North American Christian education – this is a very exciting development! Now you might say, “Hasn’t Christian education always been about viewing students as image-bearers of God and being student centered?” I would contend, however, from my perspective as a recipient, participant, and observer of Christian education for the past 50 years, … Read More