Graciously Unapologetic

CACE Innovation Lab Webinar: “Graciously Unapologetic: A Renewed Way to Be in Christian Schools”

Deborah Byker-Benson’s “Graciously Unapologetic should provoke those who are committed to distinctive Christian schooling to consider what must be strengthened and what must be changed. This book masterfully blends the theological, philosophical and practical in ways that challenge the thinking well beyond defining problems to offering real, practical strategies and solutions.  Don’t miss the opportunity …

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Graciously Unapologetic – A Renewed Way to Be in Christian Schools

On Tuesday, September 20, CACE hosted a webinar with Deborah Benson, Superintendent at Parkview Christian Academy.  Benson discussed her recently published book Graciously Unapologetic: A Renewed Way to be in Christian Schools.  Deb said in response to a question during the webinar, “The core of our school is about getting on our knees and bringing each …

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Graciously Unapologetic – A New Way to Be

Contemporary Christian day schools are filled with fear because Christ and something else have taken strong root. The results include dominating human-centered busy-work around ‘what to do’ to solve problems and concerns, and artificial constructs of control (i.e. exclusivity, legal rigidity, group norm, traditionalism, denominationalism, etc.) intended to soothe fears. Graciously Unapologetic was written to …

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