The Pedagogy and Theology of Leadership: A Conversation with Andy Wolfe

Without excellent school leaders we can’t have excellent schools. – Andy Wolfe Introduction: I was recently introduced to Andy Wolfe of The Church of England Foundation for Educational Leadership who is eighteen months into the development of a process of training, developing, supporting, and networking school leaders in the 4,700 Church of England schools that …

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Chuck Evans: Re-calibration, Growth, and School Success

Introduction: In his recent Better Schools newsletter Chuck Evans shared data on the slight growth of the private school sector where he suggests that the economic downturn of 2008 may have been a good thing as it forced school leaders through a re-calibration of expectations and re-assessing of educational experiences. Therefore, I chose to reach …

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Kim Marshall: A Conversation about Innovation, Leadership and Teaching Quality

Introduction: Recently, I began to reach out to friends and mentors to help me think through leadership, innovation, and educational issues that continue to provide me great passion for the work I get to do within our profession. My first attempt at this sort of recorded blog was with Rex Miller on Leadership and MindShift, …

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