Learning in the Continuum

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Many of us were taught to have a beginning, middle, and end to our lessons. In other words, we thought it was important to close out our lessons neatly. The Zeigarnik Effect suggests that we reconsider.

Transform Learning: Let Students Do the Planning

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A courageous principal can have an amazing impact. Darren Spyksma, SCSBC Director of Learning, uses this TEDx presentation to share how one decision by his principal significantly increased the quality of learning in an intermediate classroom. While navigating risks and errors, Darren shares how learning focused on personalization, inquiry, and engagement, can lead to deep, authentic learning which also meets … Read More

Celebrate Learning!

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In the 1960’s World of Inquiry School #58 opened as a progressive, inquiry-based school in the Rochester City School District, and for years parents lined up to put their children’s names on the waiting list. Yet over time the school began to lose its original identity. Parent involvement dwindled, discipline problems increased, student performance declined, and school culture suffered. In … Read More

Honoring Mom

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I’d like to share a post with you that I wrote in September 2013 after my Mom passed away. As Mother’s Day approaches, I would like to honor her and other parents who have worked hard to support Christian education.  I just received word this morning (written 9.21.13) that my mom has passed away. You may think it strange that … Read More

What’s Your Plan?

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If you are an administrator, the latter part of June is an ideal time for reflection and future planning. Immediate day-to-day pressures cease and unless you are in a modified year or year round schedule situation, the pressures to start back up feel down the road. Still fresh in your mind are the things that worked well or didn’t from … Read More

Engagement Matters: An Introduction

Erik EllefsenInnovation, Webinars3 Comments

According to Gallup’s weekly survey only 33% of employees are actively engaged in their work while another 25% are actively disengaged. The data regarding teacher and student engagement is equally as discouraging with engagement rates that have plummeted in the past ten years to levels not seen since the early 1980s. As I work in a school, work with other … Read More

Aligning Philosophy and Practice to Propel Potential

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I’ve been working in the past several years with schools who are trying to move from being traditional schools to what we have called, for sake of understanding, 21st century classrooms (albeit a now somewhat outdated term). As I have been reflecting on this effort by these schools, I have come to realize once again how critically important the mindsets … Read More

Virtual Christian Education?

The Center for the Advancement of Christian EducationThe CACE Roundtable4 Comments

Higher education has used virtual schooling for years. And with so much of culture already customized, individualized and in the grips of isolating technology, it shouldn’t surprise us that K-12 education would discover and promote virtual schooling. Whether or not this is a good thing – particularly for those parents desiring a Christian education – remains to be seen. Perhaps … Read More

Who Is Ultimately Responsible for Learning?

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How long will we continue to limit the learning of our children by our need to be in control of it?  The new ELSE Education Act replacing NCLB, should have included an apology from the Congress for all of the mischief that the NCLB led to in spite of its good intentions. It was an inappropriate response to a misunderstood … Read More

The Case for Joy

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I believe learning is, and should be, one of the most joyful experiences on earth. Last week I had the opportunity to gather with a group of 50 people at the Deeper Learning CACE pre-conference day to discuss ways of teaching and learning that engage students deeply and bring more joy back into the educational process. We are entering an … Read More