The Real Cost of Marketing Research

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We live in a world where, when we wonder why something is the way it is or want an answer to a relatively trivial question, we have the ability to find the answer rather quickly. Our expectation is that these curiosities can and should be answered almost immediately. This has contributed to expectations around market research that may be both … Read More

Using Research to Prove Our Point – Part 2

Paul NealThe CACE Roundtable

As consumers, we go through the process of constantly gathering data in order to make the best purchasing decisions. Parents do the same with school choices. Parents want proof for the claims we make which should not surprise us. We are conditioned to expect evidence to back up claims made by others for two reasons: experience tells us that people … Read More

Delivering on Your Promises

The Center for the Advancement of Christian EducationThe CACE Roundtable

In our work at Charter Oak Research, my business partner and I have the opportunity to travel to many different places and help Christian schools better understand their markets. Schedules are often very tight so we try to fit in as much as possible in a short amount of time. Thus, delays and cancellations often times add stress and frustration. … Read More

Using Research to Prove Our Point

Paul NealThe CACE Roundtable

We all like to talk about distinctives – what makes our school distinct from the local public school, an area independent school or even another Christian school. In fact, we often find different types of Christian schools trying to point out their distinctives from one another; either a lower priced alternative, a classical model or maybe a school with a … Read More