Thinking About Missions and Christian Schooling

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I’ve recently been studying the modern missionary movement (date range of the 19th and 20th centuries) in preparation for a few articles and upcoming conference presentations. While learning more about the phenomenon of modern missions, I noticed some parallels and interesting implications for Christian schools. Was the modern missions movement of the 20th century the result of progress or an … Read More

Charter Schools: The False Choice (Part II)

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Charter schools on the whole have not provided the same results of the few excellent charter school networks. A short review of the research and opinions on charter schools provides a much less hopeful narrative that the Three Sector approach can effectively create quality change throughout American education.

Called to be Salt: Is Christian Education Engaging or Abandoning the Mission Field?

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In Matthew 5, Jesus delivers the Sermon on the Mount calling Christians to be salt and light to the world. Salt, an ancient world preservative, must be worked in to food to be truly effective, remaining an individual compound but aggressively involved in the decaying matter. In his message, Pastor John Lee asks, “are our Christian Schools missional organizations, preparing … Read More