Responding to a School Emergency

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Prepare, Mitigate, Respond and Recover from Emergencies, Disasters and Critical Incidents School emergencies may occur anytime and anywhere. It is important for schools to ensure that they are prepared before an emergency happens. This resource is designed to help schools and their Emergency Management Teams navigate the process of critical incident planning and stimulate thinking about the process. Every school … Read More

School Safety & Building Culture with Mark Hamstra

Mark HamstraThe CACE Roundtable

School safety and security have been at the forefront of our minds because of the recent tragedy in Parkland, FL. It seems as if the conversation around safety and security have taken a different tone, and this is why I was glad to read the Chicago Sun-Times Op-Ed by my friend Mark Hamstra, Dedicated teachers — not gun-toting teachers — … Read More

School Safety and the Christian School

Scott MeadowsThe CACE Roundtable

This past week was a particularly trying week with the loss of life of 17 students at Stoneman Douglas High School. With this tragedy now comes renewed discussions on guns, shootings, the Second Amendment, and school safety. For just a moment, I want to examine the latter while skipping over the others, so we can discuss the truth about whether … Read More