Approaches to Christian Education: From Elusive Towards a Larger and Deeper Approach

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“This article originally appeared in the March 2016 issue of Pro Rege.” “Despite thirty years of talk about integration of faith and learning, and despite a half-dozen best-selling books that call on Christians to take intellectual life more seriously, the idea of Christian scholarship remains elusive for women and men who teach at and who lead Christian colleges and universities.” This was the conclusion of Michael Hamilton, … Read More

Helping Children Grow – Are We Forming, Are We Informing, or Is It Both?

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I have several grandchildren who are in the early years of involvement in a number of different Christian schools. As I watch them develop through different experiences, challenges, and opportunities, I’m impacted again by the glorious privilege and honor we have as Christian parents and teachers to unpack the mysteries and wonder of God’s creation with our young ones. When we have … Read More

Should Christian Schools Be More like Seminaries or Churches?

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Out of its best motives, the Christian day school movement was born from the deep conviction by parents that God’s truth be recognized in every subject and every aspect of learning. Knowing that a teacher’s worldview has a powerful and undeniable impact on students’ worldviews, public schooling was not acceptable to these parents because of concerns over what core values/worldview … Read More

There is No Neutrality – True Education Primarily is A Relationship-Driven Activity

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There is No Neutrality – True Education primarily is a relationship-driven activity Richard Edlin comments: The reflections below from Scot McKnight (prof of NT at Northern Seminary, Lombard, IL) echo the focus that Jamie Smith, Benson Kamary, Roy Atwood, Doug Wilson, myself, and many others put on the key dynamic that education is not primarily the transfer of information. It … Read More

What makes an education ‘Christian’?

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“This article originally appeared in the August 10, 2015 issue of Christian Courier, an independent Christian bi-weekly newspaper (” Does hiring Christian teachers and administrators automatically yield a Christian education? Well-meaning and sincere Christians have taken very different approaches to Christian education and scholarship. What follows are six examples. The first approach is to proceed as if there is not … Read More

What is the Purpose of Education?

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As you enjoy reading this summer, I would like to recommend the book, Desiring the Kingdom by James K.A. Smith (2009), Baker Publishing: Grand Rapids, MI. I would venture a guess that every philosophy of education class, at one point during the semester, asks the question, “What is the purpose of education?” The answer to this question will reveal a … Read More

Christian Education and the Argument

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If a biblical worldview is the shared distinctive of all Christian schools, regardless of other distinctives unique to a particular school, then it makes sense for Christian schools to spend time thinking about what that looks like. Even in schools where worldview integration is more aspirational, schools generally know what they are aiming for—instruction that reflects the notion of creation, … Read More

Integrating Faith Outside of the Classroom: Part 1

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A lot has been written about biblical integration in the classroom. Many valuable conversations with excellent educators in biblical worldview teaching and new texts on Christian worldview instruction are getting new coverage and encouragement that has schools more attentive to this than ever before. And, as CARDUS research shows, biblical integration has a real impact on the worldview and life … Read More