TfT Instructional Coaching Training

We are excited to continue to provide training and support to TfT schools around the practice of Instructional Coaching. In many of our TfT schools, Instructional Coaching has become a vital support tool for the ongoing development/growth of teaching/learning practices within the TfT classroom.

Due to Covid-19, we have cancelled our annual Instructional Coaching Intensive and have replaced it with ongoing, virtual professional development throughout the 2020-21 school year.

We have two offerings for professional development in Instructional Coaching:

Level 100

For leaders who are new to Instructional Coaching

Level 200

For leaders who have previously attended the TfT Instructional Coaching Intensive

For both Level 100 and Level 200, participants will meet as a cohort four times throughout the year for a two-hour, virtual training session. In between cohort trainings, participants will meet 1:1 with your Instructional Coaching trainer for individual support. We anticipate the four meetings to be spread throughout the year, with the first meeting taking place in October. 

Note that there is a $250 registration fee for this professional growth opportunity and the registration deadline is September 11, 2020