TfT Network Teacher Collaboration Enrollment

Over the years, we have heard a strong desire from teachers to connect with others in TfT schools who teach the same grade or subject level.

We are excited to pilot a new opportunity for teachers across our TfT school network – a chance to virtually meet together, to share/receive ideas, and to provide/receive feedback specific to the TfT core practices within your grade level or subject area. The collaboration sessions will be facilitated by TfT School Designers and experienced TfT teachers from across the network.

Once assigned to a group, you will have 5 virtual, facilitated gatherings throughout the year. 

To enroll in this opportunity, please complete the following information.  We will do our very best to ensure you are grouped according to your top selection below; however, since we are piloting this professional growth opportunity for the first time, we are unsure as to the enrollment numbers. 

Note that there is a $99 registration fee for this professional growth opportunity, and the registration deadline is September 11, 2020.

  • Desired Collaboration Grouping

  • Please indicate any other specific information you would like to share as you consider enrolling in this professional growth opportunity.