Author: Beth Green

Dr. Beth Green is the program director of Education at Cardus. She joins us from the northwest of England, where she has been directing one of the two research centres in the United Kingdom conducting empirical research into Christian Education. She is a graduate of Oxford, Cambridge and London Universities, a prize-winning scholar with an international reputation for her expertise in Christian school ethos, leadership, and management; teaching and learning; and social theory in education. She is passionate about translating rigorous scholarship and research in Christian Education into practices that create strong institutional structures, processes, and pedagogy. A former history teacher, Beth has never believed that the purpose of research is to fill dusty library shelves, but rather to engage with and shape the lives of practitioners, policy makers, and most importantly the young people in our schools.

Having said that, one of Beth’s favourite places is a quiet corner among the dusty books of a library! She loves reading and singing and is a proud northerner pleased to discover that Canada has its own version of her beloved chips and gravy called poutine. Her most important job is being an aunty to David, Joel, and Esther and godmother to Ben, Jacob, and Asha.

More Than The Three R’s – The Effectiveness of Christian Schooling

Dr Beth Green is one of the leading thinkers in the field of Christian education. Originally a history teacher, she completed a doctorate at Oxford University and now runs the world’s most significant long-term study into the effectiveness of Christian schooling – the Cardus Education Study. Cardus is a Canadian think tank that specializes in …

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Schools Bridging Faith and Science

Controversy over religion and science is nothing new. That’s certainly true in the world of education. Indeed, a recent commentary in the Washington Post lamented 60 examples of what the author called “anti-science education legislation” that could affect what American students are taught regarding the evolution-creation debate and global warming. We may even see the …

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Checking the Selfish Gene

This article was originally published by Convivum.   Cardus Program Director of Education Beth Green examines a way to inhibit the transmission of the so-called selfish gene in teenagers.  Researchers seem to have found a way to inhibit transmission of the so-called selfish gene in teenagers. Or perhaps they’ve simply found a way to prevent …

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Advice for Betsy DeVos From Canada

This essay originally appeared in Education Week Vo. 36, No.20 on February 2017. It is reprinted here with the permission of the author. Good public education doesn’t require uniformity The newly confirmed U.S. secretary of education, Betsy DeVos, will take office during a tumultuous time in American education. As a school-choice advocate, she is well-positioned …

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A School and a Church at the Heart of a City

From the author Beth Green of Cardus: My editors have confirmed that certainly you may reprint the blog with the following accreditation at the top of the piece: “This article was originally published by Cardus:” What is it that makes a city? Judging by the ones I’ve visited lately—London, Abu Dhabi, Chicago, Sydney—it is global …

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