Chad Dirkse

Chad Dirkse has served in Christian education for 25 years in roles that include, math and science teacher, coach, athletic director, principal, head of school and board member. He is currently the President of Chattanooga Christian School where he serves more 1,100 students and 130 faculty and staff. Prior to his current position he served as the Superintendent at Westminster Christian School in Elgin, Illinois. Chad has an undergraduate degree in education from Covenant College and and MBA with a specialization in school leadership from LeTourneau University. Chad speaks regularly to groups about the school sustainability and the importance of consistency in the process and content of Christian schooling.

This Happens in Christian Schools Too

One of the advantages of leading a Christian school while also contributing to Christian schooling through The Center for the Advancement of Christian Education (CACE) is the frequency of my encounters with the extraordinary opportunities students experience through distinctive, Christ-centered education. In addition to being known for their comprehensive, Biblical integration, many Christian schools are becoming broadly …

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Rethinking Recess

Some of my clearest memories of elementary school are the all-out sprints from the door to be the first to the basketball court, baseball diamond or the merry-go-round at recess. I remember, like it was yesterday, how hard it was to stay in the single file line from the classroom to the exit door, frustrated by how …

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Incarnational Christian Education: More than Concepts, Objectives and Standards

In his recent CACE Blog, Dan Beerens effectively challenges educators to raise levels of student inquiry with well-crafted Essential Questions that engage students in active learning while encouraging a spirit of respect and humility.  To illustrate the value of Essential Questions he points us to questions Jesus asked during his incarnational ministry on earth. Jesus’ question …

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Critical Thinking: A plea for less problem “saying” and more problem “solving”

So much has been written about the realities (positive and negative) of the digital information age.  Information is disseminated at increasingly higher speeds, granting the end user unprecedented access to the seemingly most up-to-date information.  Social media and blogs create platforms for posting and re-posting ideas, perspectives and opinions.  It could be argued that society, …

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