Introducing the Speaker Line-up for Powerful Practices: Implementing Deeper Learning in Christian Schools Conference!

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Our Planning Team for the upcoming Deeper Learning conference is very excited to have had a great response to our request for proposals! We have exceptional leaders coming from many places across North America to share their learning and lead attendees into new understandings. We have organized our conference around five strands shown below. Our confirmed workshop leaders and their … Read More

12 Opportunities and a Prayer

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In my career I have had the opportunity to work in both public and Christian education. We need Christian educators in both places and I have had opportunities to further God’s kingdom in both places. However, here are a dozen unique opportunities that Christian school educators enjoy: Teaching students the joy and pleasure to be found in glorifying God by … Read More

A Few Short Questions to Aid Year End Reflection

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In the mad rush to finish a school year we become calendar driven and event oriented. What we sometimes miss is the opportunity to reflect well – we push that off to June after school is over, but by then we are too tired to want to take too much time for reflection. The missed opportunity of reflection robs us … Read More

Honoring Mom

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I’d like to share a post with you that I wrote in September 2013 after my Mom passed away. As Mother’s Day approaches, I would like to honor her and other parents who have worked hard to support Christian education.  I just received word this morning (written 9.21.13) that my mom has passed away. You may think it strange that … Read More

The Importance of Being Attentive

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We long to see our students have hearts that are tuned to, and turned toward, God. In our world of loud, conflicting, insistent, constantly streaming voices it takes purposeful intent and a good measure of self-discipline, on a personal level, to attend to what is needful and that which results in a flourishing life that bears good fruits. Author David … Read More

Webinar – Welcoming Students of All Abilities at Your School (Part 2)

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  In this second webinar on the topic of inclusive education, co-hosts Dan Beerens, CACE Fellow, and Elizabeth Lucas Dombrowski, executive director of CLC Network, explore biblical support for, and practical realities involved with, implementing inclusive education in Christian schools. They are joined by two school administrator panelists, Brian Koetje and Carolyn Beall, who share their respective joys and challenges … Read More

Inclusive Education: Envisioning the Opportunity for Christian Schools (Part 4 of the Welcoming Students of All Abilities at Your School Series)

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In a time that values speed, efficiency, success, independence, individual achievement, and “easy”, the Christian school must choose an alternative story – the story of shalom to guide our work. Christian schools exist to point kids to Christ, to help them understand what Christ valued through his life and ministry, and to increase their desire to imitate him in their … Read More