Mitchell Salerno

Dr. Mitchell Salerno is Headmaster Elect of Monte Vista Christian School in Watsonville, CA, President of the Christian Coalition for Educational Innovation, and is a well-regarded speaker on school innovation and technology.

Biblical Magnification: A Potential Wolf

“Microscopes, telescopes, binoculars, sighting scopes, and eyeglasses help us see something more clearly—magnified and focused for a purpose” (Reel, 2016, p. 136). In a previous blog, I introduced the concept of an innovation cascade. An innovation cascade is the premise that educational innovation must begin at the top of an organization and filter organically through …

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Leadership and Innovation, Part 4

Innovation involves bold action and courage. As Christian school leaders, we must be prepared to act boldly and courageously to lead our organizations and the larger Christian school movement to a preferred future. In part one, we discussed how leaders communicate the vision for the future, establishing that leaders need to humbly communicate the vision …

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Leading Innovation: The Process, Part 2

As we have seen, having and communicating an innovative vision are essential. The next step to leading innovation is implementing the vision. This stage is often the most challenging because it immediately and clearly affects the status quo. In general, my innovation experience has boiled down to the following five stages: research, pilot, execute, evaluate, …

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Leading Innovation, Part 1

Most of us aspire to be innovative leaders. The push for 21st century learning, coupled with the technological revolution, has advanced the awareness of innovation and has propelled innovation to the fore as a leadership ideal. In the coming months, we will highlight a variety of different innovations affecting Christian education. Before we explore individual …

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