Dr. R. Mark Beadle

Dr. R. Mark Beadle, CEO and Head of School, Sevenstar

Sevenstar is a leading provider of online education solutions to Christian schools. We empower Christian schools around the globe with technology, biblically-integrated curriculum, and subject-certified Christian instructors for each course. Schools may choose to enroll students directly into online courses or become a partner to create their own online learning program.

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Successfully Leading a School in a Culture of Change

I have had the pleasure of meeting with hundreds of Christian school administrators this year at conferences and on their campuses. Our conversations often lead to a discussion of their biggest challenges, and I sometimes share the following advice on how to make positive changes. We live in an era of exponential change, and with …

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What Lessons can a Christian School Learn from J.C. Penney?

The unusual comparison of a retailer and an educational institution may seem to be a bit strange. However, they have a lot in common and there are some clear corollaries which can be instructive considering the challenges and changes facing both sectors. Mission, Culture, and Leadership will be discussed in this article. Strength of Mission …

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