Sacred Spaces

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Last year I was visiting a beautiful new school building (that’s you, Minnehaha), a facility rebuilt after a horrific explosion that destroyed much of the former campus. The staff spent countless hours with architects and builders to imagine the new space. Walking into a place that has been so thoughtfully imagined, so intentionally designed, so intimately prepared felt like a … Read More

2021—A Happy New Year?

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The flip of the calendar came with the promise of a new year and new beginnings. But one month into 2021, we have experienced more unprecedented events, causing us to reflect on all that is happening in our world.

Transition and Entry Time in Scheduling

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School Bell

One of the thorny issues in scheduling generally is how much, and whether, to give students any time to transition between classes. There has been generally a move to focus more and more on the amount of teaching time given over the course of the year and so every second seems to have become precious.

Design a Dual Credit Program that Works

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Dual Credit

Administrators, students, and parents can easily get caught up in dual credit opportunities without prioritizing their value in a Christian education. I believe in the mission of Christian education and its eternal impact on students’ lives. The dual credit choices you make for your school must support that mission.

Reflecting on 2020, Working Toward Better in 2021

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Through our strategic planning, data analysis, professional learning groups, and blog posts, CACE supported Christian school leaders through the challenges of 2020. The most read blogs from last year focused on three themes: COVID response, improving teaching and learning, and diversity.

How will you honor Dr. King this month?

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By now most of us are back in full swing after the holiday break, navigating the COVID-19 terrain, settling back into our routine, and shifting our focus to the second half of our school year. Yet even with the break not long past, chances are that we have started the countdown to our next day(s) off. For many of us, … Read More

Rising Leaders’ Guide to Change and Innovation: Keeping a Kingdom Mindset

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Keeping a Kingdom Mindset

Is a Christian educator the same as an educator who is Christian? For that matter, does Christian education differ from education of or by Christians? Approaching education with a Kingdom mindset requires that the school and her leaders view all aspects of teaching, learning, culture, sports, and the arts through the lens of the grace and truth of Christ. All … Read More