Meet New CACE Fellow David Urban

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CACE is very excited to announce that David Urban has joined the CACE Fellows. David comes to CACE with experience and expertise in enrollment management, marketing, and advancement. He has been “in the business” for over 20 years, most recently as the Chief Advancement Officer for Charlotte Christian School. David brings a number of best practices for schools to consider … Read More

Meet the TfT Team

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CACE is excited to introduce our three newest TfT Fellows! Darryl DeBoer, Pat Kornelis, and Doug Monsma are joining the CACE team to take on the Teaching for Transformation project. Doug’s most recent work was as Director of Learning for The Prairie Centre for Christian Education where he oversaw the TfT development from initial beginnings to current form. Pat is … Read More

Meet New CACE Fellow Steven Levy

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CACE is extremely excited to announce a new Fellow, Steven Levy. Steven is a master teacher who will be one of the main authors of our new column, The Teachers’ Lounge, a place for teachers to share best practices, ask questions, and connect with one another. Steven comes to CACE most recently from the world of Expeditionary Learning, where he … Read More

Religious Freedom

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Interesting perspective on the critical importance of religion to democracy by Harvard professor, Clayton Christensen. Democracy works because people, most of the time, follow the rules. A majority of Americans, in the past, attended church. They learned that they were accountable to God as well as to society. As churches disappear at an alarming rate and religions lose their influence, what institutions will still teach Americans about democracy and to Whom they are accountable?

2014 Year in Review

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On behalf of Sid & Carol Verdoorn and the Center for the Advancement of Christian Education, we offer our 2014 year in review. It has been a wonderful first year, filled with blessings and opportunities to advance the cause of Christian education. We look forward to continued conversations and partnerships with you as we seek to advocate for, promote, sustain, and innovate Christian education throughout North America. May God continue to bless your work as ambassadors in His Kingdom. Happy New Year!

Cardus Education Survey 2014

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Cardus Education Survey

A special bonus for CACE Readers! Ray Pennings, Executive Vice President of Cardus and Advisory Board member for CACE, created an introduction video for the newest collection of U.S. Data from the highly-recognized Cardus Education Survey that was just released in September. The Cardus Survey answers the question: “Do Christian schools deliver on their promises?”

The Future of Christian Schooling

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When I think about the future of Christian schools, I am conflicted. I look at the American political and theological landscape and wonder where we will be ten years from now. Over the past decade we have seen more than 25% of all Christian schools in the United States close their doors and shutter their windows, never to open again. … Read More

What is the future of Christian Education in North America?

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For years Christian Schools International has been sending out notes of congratulations to member schools who celebrate milestone birthdays.  Since 1980 we have been sending out congratulatory notes to schools who have celebrated their 100th birthday. On a more sobering note, far too many schools who celebrated their 100th birthday over the past thirty-five years are no longer in existence … Read More

The Impact of Charter Schools

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Erik Ellefsen’s recent posts on the false choice of charter schools created good stir in the private school world. To deepen your understanding of the impact of charter schools in the United States, we encourage you to download the most recent research report from the Friedman Foundation. According to Andrew Coulson (CATO Foundation), charter schools served over 2 million students … Read More