Ashley Berner: Pluralism, Policy and Predictions

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Ashley Berner, Deputy Director of the Johns Hopkins Institute for Education Policy, recently pondered the question in an Education Next article titled Education for the Common Good, “Why should taxpayers support the education of other people’s children? In democracies, the answer is because these children’s lives (including workforce participation and social well-being) and political involvement (understanding democratic institutions, analyzing legislation, and … Read More

Jon Eckert: Innovation, The Novice Advantage and Collective Leadership

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Introduction: Even though this is the third blog in a series of interviews I’ve done with innovative leaders in Education, it is actually the first interview I did as I’ve learned to try out my own innovations on friends. Jon Eckert and I graduated from Wheaton College in subsequent years, but didn’t become great friends until we reconnected a few … Read More

Re-imagining Christian Schools: Immigrants and Natives (Part 1)

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At a recent education conference, I was struck by a distinction made by John Couch, the head of Apple’s educational arm. He referred to the millennials as digital natives and those of us who are generations above the age of 30 as digital immigrants. To his point, he talked about how we needed to reimagine schoolings with the fast-changing technological … Read More

3 Questions on Leadership and Mindshift: Rex Miller

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Introduction: In the first blog I wrote for CACE, The Power of Connectivity: I Gotta Guy, I shared my thoughts about the Christian school network: In my experience in Christian education there is a specialist, expert, or innovator in every part of the country, and over the past four years as Vice President of the Christian Coalition for Educational Innovation (CCEI) I … Read More

Meet the TfT Team

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CACE is excited to introduce our three newest TfT Fellows! Darryl DeBoer, Pat Kornelis, and Doug Monsma are joining the CACE team to take on the Teaching for Transformation project. Doug’s most recent work was as Director of Learning for The Prairie Centre for Christian Education where he oversaw the TfT development from initial beginnings to current form. Pat is … Read More

What Lessons can a Christian School Learn from J.C. Penney?

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The unusual comparison of a retailer and an educational institution may seem to be a bit strange. However, they have a lot in common and there are some clear corollaries which can be instructive considering the challenges and changes facing both sectors. Mission, Culture, and Leadership will be discussed in this article. Strength of Mission “Do unto others as you … Read More

Following Jesus in a Hostile Culture

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God calls His people to shine the light of Christ into a world of spiritual darkness so that Christ would be honored and souls might be saved. In this spiritual battle, the demons have a predictable and repeated playbook which they use against the people of God. Dr. Rob Rienow, founder of Visionary Family Ministries, walks through the first few verses … Read More