The Third Way

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The dualistic mind, upon which most of us were taught to rely, is simply incapable of the task of creating unity. It automatically divides reality into binary opposites and does almost all its thinking inside of this highly limiting frame. It dares to call this choosing of sides “thinking” because that is all it knows how to do! “Really good” … Read More

Developing the Value Narrative

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Dr. Steve Robinson, President of the Southern Association of Independent Schools, presents research and his expertise on independent school cost and value in this video. (Use the password “CCEI” to view it.) He discusses trends in tuition/financial aid as well as provides ways for Christian schools to discover and think about the value of their education and an understanding of financial trends in the independent school marketplace.

The Powerful Religion of Secularism

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In recent times, Christian writers such as James K. A. Smith (2014) and Mary Poplin (2014) have written very helpfully about the concept of secularism. Though this present article views the issue from a different angle, those authors and others do right to draw our attention to the key concept of secularism, as it is one of the most powerful religious forces shaping contemporary western culture.

Critical Thinking: A plea for less problem “saying” and more problem “solving”

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So much has been written about the realities (positive and negative) of the digital information age.  Information is disseminated at increasingly higher speeds, granting the end user unprecedented access to the seemingly most up-to-date information.  Social media and blogs create platforms for posting and re-posting ideas, perspectives and opinions.  It could be argued that society, in one sense, is more … Read More

How might Christian schools and Churches Partner?

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While we likely all agree that parents share the primary responsibility for the faith nurture of their children, the Christian school and the church can play major supporting roles. Sometimes it has problematically felt like the Christian school and the church have been competing for the time and attention of the children and young adults they are attempting to serve. … Read More

Where Are They Now? A “First Look” at 2002 High School Graduates

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First Look is an intriguing longitudinal study that tracks the 2002 class of sophomore students through their next ten years of life. Not an easy undertaking, so I was excited to see what the Institute of Education Sciences uncovered through this study. This research was meant to paint a picture about the factors and circumstances related to the performance and … Read More

“Not now Mom, I’m multitasking!”

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Does this scenario resemble a study session at your house? Kayla is in her room, papers and technology spread across the floor. The Algebra book is open as is the World History text. There is music playing from the iPhone which is wirelessly connected to a Bluetooth speaker on her desk. She is talking out loud, seemingly to herself until … Read More