Innovation and Transformation: A Conversation with Bill Latham of Meteor Education

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“MeTEOR stands for Methods, Tools, and Environments plus Relationships. It’s a true representation of our mission and vision to transform the learning experience.” – Bill Latham


Those who are familiar with my blogs and podcasts know that I am interested in the innovations that are happening throughout education, and I’ve had the opportunity to know, work with, and talk to many innovative education leaders throughout my career. Likewise, I am encouraged to see how innovation is beginning to impact not just teaching and learning, but also school design and the educational ecosystem.

Since we organized the Innovation Retreat last summer I’ve been introduced into a world of activity and engagement, and one recent conversation was with Bill Latham of MeTeor Education as I was interested in how a school furnishing company became a leader in educational ecosystem transformation.

Process of Transformation:

As you listen to this conversation, I think you will discover that the work of MeTeor Education did not take place overnight, but more importantly came about after a series of innovations and realizations that have led to an interest in greater scalability for transformational change. Bill explains the steps of how he went from a career as a chemist, to working for Contrax Furnishings, and then to the development of MeTeor.

In this interview there are a few points of realization that Bill discusses:

  • his ‘aha’ moment was the realization that it is not possible “to separate pedagogy, tools, and physical space” in the learning process,
  • that small innovations don’t necessarily lead to larger schools or educational transformations,
  • that “there is no such thing as a single American education system,” but rather thousands and transformation comes from the community level, and
  • innovation comes through pain and sacrifice.

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  • Bill Latham

    Bill Latham is a leader in the design and implementation of integrated, high-impact learning experiences and environments. For more than 15 years, he has consulted with schools, districts, and governmental agencies across the Western Hemisphere on the design, equipping, and implementation of classroom and school environments aligned to critical learning priorities. He and his team have directly served more than 1,000 schools in the United States alone. He is also co-author of Humanizing the Education Machine with Rex Miller.

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